Sunday, 27 May 2012

Day 1 - Wind

And not good wind. But first the good news; having covered 101 miles we have made it to a campsite by the river in Peronne.  Amazing scenery, headwind, agriculture galore, cross wind, a whole village doing front yard sales, a head wind but from the side a bit. I needed a salted can of mackrel to revive me at Arras, and have discovered the wonder that is the Pomme dohnut too. White van man has been a superb support, we met at 3 points on the route, mainly so I could complain about wind.

Couldn't ask for better weather really though its been a glorious day. It's pretty undulating here, was expecting flatter, so pleaded to be on course with 100 done after day 1. Time to fill up on pasta and steak!

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